March 21, 2023

The Dragon Palace Temple, also known as the Lotus Temple of Nagpur, is a Buddhist place of worship located in Kamptee, Nagpur. The temple was established in 1999 with funds from the Japan-based Ogawa Society, a charitable trust. The temple complex surrounded by the Dragon Palace has a carved sandalwood statue associated with the Buddha, and the building is a pilgrimage site for practitioners of the faith.

A deep sense of peace and tranquility pervades the entire campus. One can feel the high energy vibrations of the powerful mantra nangu-myo-ho-renge-kyo while being part of the meditation.

Architecture of Dragon Palace Temple

This temple is spread over an area of about 10 acres. The walls of the temple are dark in colour, while the entire construction is done with white marble. Madam Noriko Ogawa of the Ogawa Society Japan contributed financially to the creation of this beautiful piece of architecture.

Other features that add to its aesthetic appeal are the colorful flowers, neatly decorated gardens and lush green landscape in the midst of which the temple is situated.

Interesting facts about Dragon Palace Temple

  1. The temple attracts a large number of tourists and devotees with its attractive architecture, picturesque landscapes and serene atmosphere.
  2. A journey to the spiritual world can be enjoyed here.
  3. The place is surrounded by lush green lawns and lush gardens.
  4. It is famous for its splendid architecture and a sign of Indo-Japanese friendship.
  5. Made of white marble, this temple has brightly colored walls.
  6. There is a huge sandalwood idol of Lord Buddha on the second floor of the temple.
  7. It attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year. Eternal bliss can be experienced at this symbol of peace and harmony.
  8. The Dragon Palace Temple in Kamptee has been awarded the International Award for Best Concrete Structure in the World.

How to reach Dragon Palace Temple

By Road:- Kampti is well connected to Nagpur city and Mumbai from where you can also get taxis and buses.

By Bus:- Dragon Palace Temple is near to Dragon Palace Temple Bus Station which is 7 minutes walking distance.

By Metro:- Automative Square Metro Station near Dragon Palace Temple From here you can take rickshaw or auto.

Nearby famous places

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One of the most popular Buddhist temples in India, the Dragon Palace is famous Buddhist religous tourist attraction in Nagpur. It is located in Kamptee, a municipal council in the city and has a spectacular architecture. It is considered to be a sign of Indo – Japan friendship.

Kamptee is located around 20 km from centre of Nagpur and whoever visits Nagpur make it a point to visit this temple for its beauty. Also known as the ‘Lotus Temple’, the Dragon Palace is surrounded by lush green lawns and landscaped garden with bright and colourful flowers that makes the place look all the more beautiful.

Try and visit the temple during the meditation hours. You would see hundreds of devotees in the temple who have gathered just to meditate. There are hundreds of people in the temple during this time and yet there is a beautiful silence that takes you to a different world. People chant ‘Nangu-Mayo-Ho-Renge-Kyo’ and you can do the same or simply sit back and relax and enjoy the journey to the spiritual world. If you are someone who is seeking peace, this is the best place to be at.


This must visit place was inaugurated in 1999, by Reverend Nichiki Kato of Japan. The temple was founded by Mother Noriko Ogawa Society and houses one single idol of Lord Buddha which is believed to have been carved out of a single piece of sandalwood.

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