March 21, 2023

Make your account private
By changing your Instagram account to a private account, you can control who can see your post and who does not. Through a private account, you can remove any followers without blocking them. In the event of having a private account, no unanon user can view your photo-video or reels until you approve its request. With this you can turn off ‘Show Activity Status’, and this will not let any of your friends know you are online.

Two Factor Authentication
Through two-factor authentication, you can increase the security level in your account. Due to this feature, when you log in to your profile through an exclusive device, you need an SMS security code. If you have activated two-factor authentication, then you will have to provide a special login code every time you log in or confirm the login attempts. Because of this, when you try to log in from an unknown device, then you will know.

Share your story with close friends
You can create a list of close friends on Instagram and share your story with them. You can remove any of these or add new friends. The best part is that while doing this, no notification will be sent to the user concerned.

Comment filter
The good thing for Instagram users is that it allows them to control whether you can decide which comment is offensive or intimidating. The app has many such built-in features, automatically removing offensive words and offensive fragments as well as threatening and threatening comments. If you want, make a list of such words and emojis that you do not want to see in your comment section. For this, you have to use ‘Filters’ in the comment control section of the post.

Who can tag or mentor you, it is in your hands!
Tags and Mention are used to intimidate or target someone, so Instagram has launched a new control feature that allows you to make sure who tags or mentions you. Under this, you can choose the option of ‘Every user’, ‘Only the user you follow’ or ‘None’ to tag or mentor you.

There is an option to block
If you do not have your own private account, you can still decide who can see and follow you on Instagram. This can be done with the help of blocking tools. To block an account, go to the account profile and go to Settings on the top right and click on ‘Block User’.

Can restrict
You can stop swiping left on someone’s comment through the privacy tab in the settings or you can do the same with a profile that you want to ban. Once banned, only comments on any of your posts by the person whom you have banned will be visible to them. By tapping ‘See Commnet’, you can see the comments and approve or delete them.

Report any abuse, intimidation and harassment
If you see something suspicious or a post that you feel violates our guidelines, then report it! Anyone can report content on posts / comments, DMs, Lives, Stories, IGTVs, and Reels made on Instagram from profiles / accounts.

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