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Cyber criminals target young, educated citizens in the name of job offers. They get bulk bio-data/CV of persons looking for jobs from job sites such as, etc., and using the details given in the CV – phone number, email, educational qualification, previous employment, etc., device personalized fraud emails promising job opportunities in reputed companies.

The fraudsters run a call-centre setup and either pose as a job consultancy firm or impersonate the prospective employer itself They make the victim interact with multiple levels of HR executives to give an impression that they are genuine entities.

Once the potential victim falls into their trap, they start demanding fees in the nature of registration charges, document verification, interview scheduling, uniform advance, etc. After extracting a large sum from the victim, they stop further communication.

Safety Precautions:

1. No genuine recruiter will demand large sums for registration, document verification, interview scheduling, etc.

2. Fraudsters impersonate as genuine job consultancy firms by using similar email accounts, logo, etc. Please verify the details of the firm before committing any payment towards job assistance.

3. Look for complaints and reviews about the said firm on online forums. If significant number of people have shared reviews about their fraudulent activities, then probably they are cheats.

4. Verify from the said reputed employer whose job has been offered, about the genuineness of the offer. Use contact details given on company’s official website to seek clarification. Do not seek clarification from company officials referred to by the job consultant. They are probably part of the gang trying to cheat you.

5. Do not get tricked by spoofed email IDs, Customer Care Numbers, etc. Cross-verify every claim with alternate channels before engaging with the said job consultant.

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